Squirm, where motion meets emotion.      Squirm is where you'll find the equipment, people, and know-how to see each and every production through from concept and shoot, to wrap and post-production.

Squirm is led by Director/Cameraman Bryan Papierski.  Papierski studied film at Art Center College of Design (Pasadena), and has the insight, skill, and eye for achieving a wide range of different looks and styles, whether working as a director or as a cameraman.

A real-person, slice-of-life director, Papierski is skilled in casting actors and real people, particularly children, and developing and discovering their characters, bringing out natural performances from professionals and amateurs alike.

Below is where we show some of our current work. But please go to the SHOWREEL's for other work samples.

“To create the best, you need to work with the best.” Sure, a lot of companies say that, but at Squirm, we believe it. And we practice what we believe. How? By putting together the best creative team for each project.  The people who believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and who know how to collaborate in order to create the best possible outcome.

We also believe in treating every job, big or small, equally, and feel blessed each time we are given the opportunity to bid on a project. And when we're awarded the job, we give it our all, regardless of budget, working to put as much in front of the camera as possible—and have fun along the way.

And our efforts show in our work—in spite of  the long hours,  countless changes, and crazy deadlines —and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

 As an organization, Squirm has been around for 12 years, but our directors and producers have been at it longer than that.

We believe that every job deserves 110% — and our work shows it. Because we love what we do, we make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed long before we’re on location. But if a change happens on the fly (and you know it will), we’re flexible enough to make sure it’s not a problem or even a hassle.

When we’re bidding a job, we think of every possible contingency up front before we start crunching the numbers. Then, when we begin the tech scout, we’re playing every possible scenario in our heads. (What if…?) When it comes to the day of the shoot, we know we’ve done our homework right if the producer is playing “Words with Friends” instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (Not that we condone either behavior.)

And you’ll never hear us say, “Oops, we forgot about (blank). That’s gonna cost an extra (blank).” But don’t get us wrong; if the creatives or the clients come up with a killer idea on set, we’ll work with them to stick as close to the numbers as possible.

We love creativity. Without it, we’re just a bunch of people in a big white truck with lots of expensive equipment. And that doesn’t sit well with us.

We excel in taking bare bones ideas and fleshing them out better than you ever imagined. We have a team of crackerjack experts on call, and Bryan is never at a loss for at least ten great ideas. (Trust us, it’s true.)

Whether it’s storyboards, concept images, lighting diagrams, art direction, props, wardrobe, casting, music, sound effects, graphics, special effects — the list goes on and on — Squirm has nearly everything you need to make your next production like none other. 

Up until six years ago, we only shot film. But times are a changing and we adapted for the better. How? We began purchasing our own equipment instead of renting it. And because we own it and we maintain it, we can use it for a production for as long as we need to, and then some.

Today we own top-of-the-line gear, from cameras and lenses, to a phantom quad copter with a GoPro black camera and a sweet 14-foot camera truck with a lift gate and shelving to store it all in. For a better idea of what we have go to the equipment page.

OK, call us control freaks, but we want to see every project through to the very end.

We have on/off line editing in the loft and we just purchased the Tangent Element color correction board, which we use in the loft or we can color correct on the road or at other post houses. And when it comes time for graphics we have Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. And if your vision is beyond our capabilities we work with several amazing FX artists. What can’t we do? Truthfully, audio, but we’re close pals with professional sound guys who do it every day in a cave made and designed for sound.

Our main office is in Grand Rapids Michigan. It's a 8,000 sq.ft building in the heart of the artist district down town. We have a 2,000 sq. ft. shooting space, 2,000 sq. ft. shop with mig/ tig welders, plasma cutters, and a full wood and paint shop.  Downstairs in the carriage house is a full industrial kitchen with a 6x10 conference table with 4 outlets in every corner so everyone can use their laptop.  There is wifi throught the building. On the main floor is lounge with a pinball machine, electric dart board and a hot tub. (If you need a break while shooting or editing it's a great place to hang out and play or make calls.) Or go take a nap in the vintage Airstream.

On the second floor is the edit bay and a screening room.  While here you can play with Maggie "the barking doorbell" or Big Bird, our Military McCaw mascot. Also an the second floor is a 2,000 sq. ft. patio to take a break in also or we can do a BBQ lunch, weather permitting.

A Slew of awards…

  • Clios (Platinum, Gold, Bronze, Best in Category)
  • Tellys (Best in Category, Platinum, Gold)
  • ADDYs (Best of Show, Gold, Silver, Honorable Mention)

Not to mention…

  • New York International Film Festival

Bryan was DP on the feature, "Frontier Boys" which won: 

    • Best Picture - Sabaoth International Film Festival

    • Best Picture - Iowa Independent Film Festival
    • Best Picture - International Christian Visual Media Conference
    • Best Youth Film - International Christian Visual Media Conference     
    • Best Drama over 250K - International Christian Visual Media Conference
    • Best Director of a First Time Feature - ITN Film Festival
    • Best Actress - Rebecca St. James - ITN Film Festival
    • Golden Palm Winner - Mexico Film Festival
    • Featured Selection - San Joaquin Film Festival
    • Featured Selection - Michigan Film Festival
    • Featured Selection - Grand Rapids Film Festival
    • Featured Selection - International Family Film Festival 
    • Featured Selection - International Family Film Festival
    • Best Feature Drama at the Sabaoth International Film Festival, Milan Italy



    We’re so darn proud of the Squirm-mobile that we gave it its own section on the website. Our Isuzu 14' box truck with a lift gate hauls all our camera gear—and more! (On smaller shoots we can also haul some lighting, props and whatever is needed.) The truck has hook-ups for house power or we’re in the middle of nowhere, there is a 2500w inverter. It has shelving with lights, a tool box, insulated walls, night working lights, and 12 outlets so we can charge batteries or run the DIT station.  The truck is small enough that it doesn’t require a DOT license and the driver doesn’t need a CDL to operate it. The cab is roomy and could seat three people easily, (but we like to use the seat to keep the camera built when we go to other locations). In the cab there’s also a CD player/radio, and it has Blue tooth so you can sync your phone for hands-free talking while driving. Better still, it has only 500 miles on it, and it turns on a dime, which is great when running to all those tight locations.

    And we rent the truck out to other productions not just our own.